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For reliable data backup, turn to BusinessLink Technologies of the Triangle, LLC. We are a trusted name in data backup and project management in Durham, NC. If you need help in managing and organizing your data for a more efficient business operation, call us and we will be happy to help.

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Switch to Electronic Recordkeeping Server Support

Recordkeeping is challenging for many business, especially those in the health care industry. As years go by, papers and folders pile up, eating up a lot of space. They can be destroyed in case of flood or fire. Keep your records protected. Go digital and create secure backups. Approach us for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) installation and support.

Invest in the Right Software

Are you wondering what to do to optimize the task and workload distribution process in your company? Invest in the right software and applications. Count on us for distributed client-server software development. We will design software to meet data management needs. Call 919-451-3106 for more information.